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Experience a new level of shopping with Goshops Engage Commerce. Our AI-powered platform creates a tailored and unique journey for every customer, making them feel truly special
About Goshops

Who we are

Goshops Engage Commerce revolutionizes shopping with AI-powered personalization. Our platform offers AI smart search, personalized recommendations, and real-time communication with personal shoppers, delivering a unique shopping experience. We help businesses create long-lasting relationships with their customers, fostering loyalty and making each one feel valued. Join us and unlock the potential of Engage Commerce – the future of shopping is here


What we do

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About Us

Meet our amazing products

AI-based personalization

AI personalization influencing customer buying behavior.

Delight your customers with livestream shopping

Innovative experience based on the promotion of your products through live broadcasts

AI for better product recommendation

Deliver personalized recommendations that suit each customer's tastes and preferences across all your touchpoints.

Smart Product Search by AI

65% of customers leave the online shop, because they are unable to quickly find the product. Help them get what they are looking for and increase sales.

Innovation and development services for the retail industry

  • Mobile and Web development services
  • Machine Learning
  • Custom AI Solutions

Why go shops?

Retail industry experts

We are experts in the industry and processes of retail companies. We generate bonds of trust and have advised large brands in Latin America and Europe in the development of solutions, with the purpose of accompanying them in the process of digital transformation towards a totally digital experience

Our amazing team

Our team currently has more than 10 years of experience leading global development teams for the retail industry.

We are innovators

We research, develop and create our solutions using the latest technology to solve real world problems, such as making applications that learn from the use by consumers creating Hyper Personalized .

+30 global applications

Global b2b e-commerce, loyalty system, applications for marketing, billing and sales areas.

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